Project Sakhi

A small-town girl makes it big in the corporate world, a new mom breaking stereotypes by becoming a leading SEO expert, a community leader for mothers who support each other, an entrepreneur surviving the pandemic & a personal loss but not giving up!

If I were to tell you that above all challenges belong to one single person, won’t you be amazed? Well, meet the versatile & highly inspiring Neha Agarwal, I have followed her journey for more than a decade, and here’s her story:

If someone asked me, “Neha, what is one of the best lessons you have learned in life?”, my answer has to be learning about the immense power adaptability gives you! It is the ability to quickly adapt to change and ride with the flow of the wind that can lead you to a path of success. I came to learn this after I completed my degree in Engineering. How?

Well, even though I had an Engineering degree in hand while looking for a job, I landed a marketing role. What almost felt like a decision taken by a higher power, I was truly glad as I found my vocation in marketing. I began my journey with a five-seater firm in my hometown.

What followed was a journey filled with stints with companies like Jabong, and exciting startups like, Heads Up For Tails, and POPxo. The feeling of being part of seeing the growth, the evolution is truly, bliss! And although it has been a steep climb, in what can be called a cathartic experience, it opened my eyes to new possibilities.

I continued to grab new learnings from each company. But still, I felt like I needed a place where I could explore my creativity without having anyone bind me. You see, I had always fancied the idea of managing people with similar potential and virtues.

With the accumulated insights and knowledge about the industry, I eventually started my own Niche SEO Agency – Digi Acai, a place where I could apply my mastery.

And the first two years that happened parallelly with the pandemic and a small baby made it all the more difficult. Adapting to the changes, the new work hours, and the newly formed conditions; was a complete shift in my life.

However, my biggest challenge was being a Mompreneur. Being a Mom, it was important to cater to my kid’s needs. I had to choose amid situations that arose. The constant changes and sudden additions in expenses and work resulted in me feeling burnout. But, with a love for my work and dreams to provoke change, I had a strong belief that I could manage it all and that I have to keep the fire alive.

Within a few years of dedication, I have established a strong base for my company. is my latest adventure, a community of millennial Moms. This particular project is very close to my heart. The platform offers millennial mums like me a chance to share their lives and experiences. Today more than 25,000 mothers across various social media platforms are proud members of community.


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