Project Sakhi

A maternity break, always is a reset button! Self-doubt & questions like, “will I be able to resume work again?”, keep coming back!

However, my professional journey remained unaffected post-childbirth. Initially, as I resumed work, I began operating in areas that provided me with the flexibility to be in a household when the kids needed me. This allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and learn new things.

My ‘eureka’ moment was when I realized I wanted to keep working as a storyteller. I had always found public speaking and related opportunities fascinating. At 34, my journey as an RJ began.

Further, I experimented and took the first step by working as a freelancer. As I enjoyed the work and started making my mark, I decided to begin my registered consultancy.

Gradually, adding credentials and making a difference in people’s lives with my practice, I also continued learning other skills simultaneously.

I am a Professional Certified Coach(PCC) certified NLP practitioner, a Certified Professional Values Analyst, and a certified DISC Assessor.

However, with 17 years in the Voice Industry as an RJ, Voiceover Artist, and Emcee, I started facilitating sessions with leaders on all nuances learned on that journey on Attitude, Self Expression & VOICE! By 44, I had established myself and with a firm resolve, I founded my consultancy, The Third Eye.

And I have learned that even after having years of work experience, starting a business is always a tough road to tread.

A National & International award for scripting & narrating Radio documentaries, I have been honoured with the “ iconic woman making a difference for all” award by the Women Economic Forum in 2020!

Inspired by people around me, I host a human library podcast featuring people who go beyond themselves to make a difference in the world around us.

Each of them proves that we have a choice of how to face life. After being selected for the #LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program at 52.

I understood that age is just a number. I believe in never letting go of an opportunity when it comes to you. Everyone has their own pace in life and things fall into place over time.

This is the story of Rashmi Shetty who is also a fellow participant of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program too.

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