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We often harp on the multitasking abilities of women, but to tell you the truth, we definitely don’t enjoy it all the time. Often we do not understand our primary hustles or secondary hustles or not-so-important hustles take over our lives. But still, we do it, because we can’t let go of our dreams.

In today’s Sakhi Kahani, I want you to meet Siddhangana Karmakar a driven and creative #entrepreneur changing the narratives of brand stories with her ideas.

“To manage a home, business, and a toddler while striking a balance between everything is nothing less than a challenge.

I am an entrepreneur. From Day 1, I knew my days would be filled with struggles and challenges, taking multiple decisions and facing uncertainties several times, in a single day. It is and will be an uphill task managing time for every aspect of my life and I have accepted uncertainty as the only constant in my life. What keeps me going is my passion for work which fuels me to make the best out of every adversity, something to learn from.

With more than 15 years of experience in brand, product, digital marketing, and product management, I have started my third venture, Definer Brands – a brand strategy consulting firm with a focus on consumer centricity as well as culture design. In the past, I also founded online procurement and brand loyalty platform company and spent around a year solving educational challenges for very young learners.

What keeps me going? I would say I am constantly inspired by dreamers and optimists who believe they can make the world a better place. Simon Sinek’s vision of enabling people with a spark of optimism makes me believe that as a brand strategist, I can work closely with business owners and their teams to steer through roadblocks to achieve their vision.

As I continue to grow, I aim to enable value-centric businesses to achieve their purpose. With millions of small businesses springing up every day in India, I wish to spread awareness about the benefit of envisioning their businesses as brands from India for the world.”

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